Dining Options for all Lifestyles

Excite your tastebuds with a dazzling array of home cooked meals that are healthy, full of flavor and ridiculously fresh. Vegetarian, vegan, paleo, gluten free, organic, and keto diets supported.

Awaken your senses with amazing gourmet food.

We use Boar’s Head premium meats and cheeses, bake our own bread daily, and make our own sauces. Flat, long and irresistibly delicious, our fries are a hybrid between potato chips and traditional french fries – giving it a unique and scrumptious bite you can’t find anywhere else. You can enjoy them with a little salt or go bold with chili cheese, garlic-Parmesan or the beloved truffle.

Our Team

Miguel Jaimes Executive Chef
Miguel Jamies
Executive Chef
(760) 227-6777

Commitment to Quality

EddieWorld was created to be a complete departure from what “normal” gas stations do. A normal gas station – if they decide to offer food – typically teams up with a fast food joint. You can find this everywhere, meaning it’s nothing special. To be unique and offer an experience no one else can, we had to think outside the box.