Pumping Gas

Lowest Priced Gas on Interstate 15

We guarantee the lowest gas prices from our store to Las Vegas along Interstate 15


Did you know from Yermo, CA, all the way to Vegas – a 144 mile stretch – we have the LOWEST priced gas.

Our gas prices are the lowest from our store in Yermo to Las Vegas! We’re 35 cents lower than Baker, CA, and a whopping 50 cents a gallon lower than State Line (Primm), and of course lower than all the other pop up stations that charge outrageous prices on I-15. Our diesel prices are killer as well. Travel America, Flying J and Loves in Barstow all charge $4.09 (cash) and $4.15 (credit) for diesel today – 6/8/18 – and we are $3.95 a gallon (cash & credit).   Safe travels