Cheapest Gas on Interstate 15

08 Jun: Lowest Priced Gas on Interstate 15

We guarantee the lowest gas prices from our store to Las Vegas along Interstate 15   Did you know from Yermo, CA, all the way to Vegas – a 144 mile stretch – we have the LOWEST priced gas. Our gas prices are the lowest from our store in Yermo…

KTLA 5 Visits Eddie World

21 Feb: KTLA 5 Visits Eddie World

KTLA 5 Visits Eddie World Feb 21st 2018 And thats a wrap! Eddie World Yermo was featured on 4 separate KTLA 5 News airings today – 6am, 7am, 9am and 3pm! Each segment was unique and touched on a different aspect of the business. We want to thank KTLA 5 Morning News for taking…