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California’s Sweetest Destination


California’s Sweetest Destination

Many people often ask, “What is Eddie World?” We are a one-stop-shop between Los Angeles and Las Vegas that has all the premiere amenities one would ever need when traveling. Join us while we take a peek into California’s Sweetest Destination!

Hearing the words “California’s Sweetest Destination”, you firstly think: CANDY! Yes, there is a bag with your name on it. However, we are in California and the slang term “Sweet!” is just how we describe our amazing food offerings.

Fresh Takes Now

We have an executive chef – Miguel Jaimes – who manages all our food concepts. We offer 4 unique and fresh food options where we handpick and hand-make the food on site instead of serving processed junk foods which truly differentiate us from the herd. We’re also not scared to do the unthinkable – we handcraft sushi rolls on site and have an entire food concept devoted to all fresh never frozen fish, wild caught tuna and all sauces are made from scratch in house. Furthermore, we have specially designed pizza ovens flown in from Italy that make supremely delicious artisan pizzas and we offer an array of gourmet sandwiches, salads, fruit bowls, yogurt parfaits, hummus platters as well as other seasonal offerings that you can’t find anywhere else on Interstate 15. We even have a beautiful outdoor dining area complete with scenic views of the local landscape and amazing beers on draft. All our food products are prepared in house using only the finest ingredients, our meats are naturally sourced and all of our food products are custom crafted with a dedication to good tasting food.
What Eddie World truly represents is a complete departure of traditional expectations. We want to completely redefine how people perceive gas stations. Hence, our biggest passion is our extreme dedication to clean and comfortable bathrooms. We want our customers to have a pristine and immaculate restroom experience each and every time they visit – and we’ve done some pretty incredible things to reach these lofty expectations. For starters, we have 2 sets of bathrooms for each sex and a full time bathroom attendant – which allows us to maintain a very high level of cleanliness. Furthermore, we spared no expense when building these bathrooms fit for royalty – meaning only the highest quality materials were used. Each stall is an individual room that is fully tiled rather than a partition (like all other bathroom competitors) with walls that go down to the floor, giving our customers the extreme privacy and luxury they deserve and appreciate. Furthermore, we have special fragrance equipment which keeps our bathrooms smelling rosy & peachy even during heavy usage. We’re also committed to helping you fight germs by installing sophisticated door handles on each bathroom stall. These door handles employ proprietary automatic sleeve dispenser technology, which automatically advances a fresh antibacterial sleeve over the handle every time it’s used. This ensures customers are no longer affected by the germs left by all those who opened the door previously. And for the gentleman – WOW – do we have one epic surprise. We have some incredibly advanced and awesome interactive technology straight from England that allows guys (sorry girls) to literally shoot tanks with their stream of urine. The tanks come from different angles so aiming your pee is part of the game – and yes, the more tanks you blow up the higher your score. You’ll want as much ammo as possible guys, so bring a full bladder if you want to secure the “High Score” of the day. This is incredibly awesome technology and certainly something you’ll never forget.

3D Gummy Candy Printer & Laker Forum Flooring

Everything we do needs to be different, unique and incredibly special. That is why we invested heavily in our amazing mascot – a 65 foot ice cream sundae with a 35 foot base on the side of Interstate 15 that can be seen for 2 miles traveling in either direction. Our ice cream sundae symbolizes our passion and vision to be different and to aim big in everything we pursue. Yet the most incredible part of our mascot is how it lights up at night, highlighted by a very bright 10 foot cherry on top that comes to life thanks to advanced LED technology. In addition, we have the original hardwood floor of The Great Western Forum that was home to the Los Angeles Lakers for decades. Its an incredibly rare and unique piece of Lakers memorabilia that measures 16 feet by 8 feet – its a great background piece for a selfie or memorable photo op – and has sports fans around the world in awe when they see it for the firs time.

Eddie World was built to excite the masses and cater to all. Its where happiness and convenience intersect on Interstate 15. We truly hope you give us a chance to earn your business next time you decide to drive between LA and Las Vegas, or beyond. It took us 5 years to design, permit and construct this concept, and we hope you find our creation to be a breath of fresh air on an Interstate overrun by fast food conglomerates and fueling corporations. We set out to build not just an attraction, but a destination point that makes adults feel like kids again, and where kids can find pure joy and happiness. Please come experience our passion and devotion, and prepare to experience the unexpected.

Spicy Tuna Sushi Roll from EddieWorld

Spicy Tuna Sushi Roll from EddieWorld

Side Note: We would like to take this opportunity to address an interesting albeit funny concern many patrons often express, which we hear all day long, “Why would you put fish in a gas station?” For starters, there’s probably no other gas station in the state that employs an Executive Chef as a part owner. Executive Chef, Miguel Jaimes, is the past president of the Inland Empire Chefs and Cooks Association, and has over 20 years of fine dining experience specializing in high end hotels, private country clubs and casinos. Executive Chef, Miguel Jaimes, has spent the last 20 years honing and mastering his skills in various cuisines working with a multitude of fresh products including seafood, meats and produce. Hence, the question becomes why would we not make a huge splash and take a calculated gamble on doing the unthinkable: offering sushi and poke at a gas station. Furthermore, when we ask patrons if they order fish in Las Vegas, they usually answer with a simple, “yes”. This is when we like to remind people of our slogan: “Our fish is 2 hours fresher than Las Vegas.” At this point, most people nod their head in agreement, “OKAY, now I get it.” But for those of you who still don’t see the full picture, allow me to explain. All those high end 5 star mega resorts on the Las Vegas strip bring in their fish via truck daily, and guess where that truck has to drive through to get from Los Angeles to Las Vegas – straight through Yermo, CA. Hence, when our fish vendor transports their products to Las Vegas we are an early stop on their way, which explains our slogan, “Our fish is 2 hours fresher than Las Vegas”. As if this is not already making perfect sense finally – it actually gets better. Our fish supplier is none other than Santa Monica Seafood Co., one of the most respected fish suppliers in the country who only sell the highest quality fish products. This is why we promote our fish as sustainable and wild caught. We also never freeze any of our fish products, which means you are getting the highest quality fish on the market – and yes, its in the middle of the desert. But talk is cheap. Come try a bowl and taste for yourself why we are changing peoples perceptions of gas station dining . We are rewriting all the rules and we welcome the challenge. Only to be found at #EddieWorldYermo


  • Lynn Collatz

    See you on my birthday 3/2

  • Kim

    There needs to be a location link to Google Maps on your website. Please

  • Vanessa

    I’ve lived between California and Las Vegas, so I do quite a few trips between the two states when it comes to visiting friends.
    Now, Eddie World is a must-stop destination on my drive. It’s gotten to the point that I have to get “orders” for the various friends who have a specific candy craving that can’t be satisfied anywhere else.

  • jael Willey

    i am going to eddie world soon and I AM EXCITED

  • Lisa

    My little brother’s name is Eddie so I had to stop just to take a picture. We had some delicious ice cream. A great place to stop. Enjoy!

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  • Mary

    Hey I’m heading to Vegas this weekend. I heard about your place & im looking forward to stopping with my husband!!

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